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The Fruit and Vegetable Diet
January 10, 2014 10:13 pm|Comments (1)


Ever since we were young, mom always told us to eat your fruits and veggies.  Of course, it is not really the favorite thing of children when there are ice creams and candies somewhere in the pantry.  However, now that we are older, we would be wise to heed mom’s words.  A fruit and vegetable diet really is good for us and let me tell you why.

Fruits and vegetables are low in cholesterol.

  Unlike your usual fries or burger, you can actually eat more and not worry about the spikes in your cholesterol that you are trying to prevent.  Take it as an excuse to eat more and yet stay healthy.  You can eat all the greens and chances are a plate full of greens would still have lower cholesterol levels than a tiny piece of steak.

Fruit and Vegetable diet also works well for those who want to lose some weight and fit back into old clothes that are starting to feel too tight.  Aside from cholesterol, fruits and vegetables also have less calories.  You do not have to starve yourself just to lose weight when you are on this diet because while the amount of food you eat is very important, the kind of food you take is something that you also have to consider.

When you are in a foot and vegetable diet, you are bound to notice that your skin is looking better with a healthy glow and possibly less pimples.  Why is that?  You see fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants.  We need antioxidants to ward off the bad and aging effects of free radicals.  Unfortunately, free radicals are all around is, from the air we breathe which is often mixed with pollution to the stress that we experience every day.  So eat your fruits and veggies and it will give you better skin than all the ointments and moisturizers that you can find in the market.

The fruit and vegetable diet also works wonders to detoxify your body from all the bad elements.  No matter how healthy we try to be, we will fall for the smell of cooking fries or freshly baked pastries.  We need to help our body detox or else it will not be able to absorb all the nutrients from the food we eat properly.  Fruits and vegetables are natural detoxifiers that you have to include daily in your diet.


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