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Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor is one of those truly revolutionary weight loss programs that integrate research into their mechanism. This program is based on the fact that the female body is totally different that the male body, in what metabolism is concerned. It explains why women don’t get the same results as men when they follow a diet or a fitness program meant to help them lose weight. This fact and the revelation that helps all women see their dream come true make The Venus Factor one of a kind in its class.
If you haven’t heard of this program, I suggest you watch this video first. It reveals
breakthrough, fat burning tips designed specifically for the female metabolism.

Venus Factor Review: Finally A Weight Loss Program For Women That Works

Many women are unhappy with the way their body looks, especially when they get a big older and give birth to children. Pregnancy and nursing change the female body in a not so flattering way, thus making
these women desperately seek for solutions to regain their old silhouette back. This is exactly what happened to me after having the last child: I was never able to recover completely, so I ended up with a few
extra pounds and with a body shape which was nothing to be proud of. I tried many weight loss programs, many diets and many exhausting fitness routines, but the results simply weren’t there. The beginning was promising, but after a while, my body refused to let those last few pounds go away, so I never got in the shape of my dreams. Moreover, even in the few cases when I lost some weight, it was impossible to maintain it over time. Sooner or later, pounds started to accumulate again, so I always ended up in misery and depression. I can tell you this is a very frustrating roller coaster. Eventually I gave up trying to be
slim again and started to get used to the fact that I’d be a fat woman for the rest of my life. The truth was, but I didn’t know it at that time, that all those weight loss programs are made for men. Men succeed to shed their extra pounds and maintain a stable weight once they are happy with the results.

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Women are different because their body is built for nurturing life, for giving birth and nursing children. This special built makes fat get stored in areas like the belly, thighs or hips, so that, in the event food becomes scarce, the female body will still be able to get the woman through pregnancy. In our modern world, there’s no chance to starve. We are surrounded by food, we even overeat for so many times, that we never get to use those fat deposits.

What Is Leptin And What’s Its Role In The Body

Leptin is the novelty revealed by The Venus Factor. It has nothing to do with carbohydrates, sugar, fat or whatever else crosses your mind when you think about weight loss and nutrition. Leptin is a hormone our body naturally produces, which plays an active role in regulating the appetite and the metabolism. The more leptin your body makes, the faster your metabolism is, therefore fat doesn’t get stored anymore in the body. The problem is that while men’s bodies are very reactive to leptin and start shedding pound as soon as more leptin is produces, women’s bodies are resistant to leptin. Even worse, this resistance increases with age and after pregnancy. This is why, even if you start eating less, in the hope you’ll regain your old shape back, the body doesn’t respond. Weight loss turns into a real battle, with ups and downs, with frustration and sadness, simply because of this leptin resistance problem women have. Even more frustrating is the fact that actually the female body produces twice as much leptin as the male one.
The only problem is this resistance that makes all this leptin useless. This means that if women manage to get rid of their resistance to leptin, their bodies will instantly recognize the huge amount of this hormone that is there, thus boosting the metabolism almost instantly.

Women Have A Reason To Celebrate Now

The only problem is this resistance that makes all this leptin useless. This means that if women manage to get rid of their resistance to leptin, their bodies will instantly recognize the huge amount of this hormone that is there, thus boosting the metabolism almost instantly.

This is what I learned from The Venus Factor: how to make leptin work to my advantage and not against me. I discovered that what we eat affects the leptin amount our body is able to use.

Being already fed up with all other weight loss programs, I was excited to discover that the only thing I need to do in order to unlock the burning of the fat is to eat the right foods at the right time. By eating in a certain way, we are able to override our metabolism. The only problem is that we can’t do this by ourselves because we simply don’t know too many details. This is the role of programs like The Venus Factor  to hold your hand and lead you to success, one step at a time. The program has a component called the Virtual Nutritionist, that helps people like me make the switch to a metabolism boosting diet.

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Moreover, the program comes with nice additions such as workout and exercise routines films. Such programs aim at helping you get a toned and healthy-looking body. Combined with the special leptin-unlocking diet, they will shape your body in an amazing way.

The support group is also a very nice bonus. Everybody knows how important it is to meet other people who have the same problem as you. It helps a lot to go through such a program together, to exchange experience and thoughts, to ask for or to give advice and to celebrate victories together.

Here is a breakdown of What You Get With Venus Factor

I also came across these videos that you may find helpful.

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