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High in Fiber, High in Protein Diets
January 10, 2014 11:57 pm|Comments (0)

High Fiber and High Protein diets

both have great benefits to one’s body. Both of these diets can give you weight loss and good weight maintenance, plus on the good factor of lowering your risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases and even known to help prevent cancer. So the next time you start dieting, take note of the fiber and protein in your diet.
High Fiber Diets
Fiber in our everyday meals alone is beneficial, it promotes good health because it helps support and maintain your digestive tracks and can help with the feeling of fullness fast. With these benefits it can be a good weight checker and cholesterol level controller. For irritable bowel syndrome and hemorrhoids sufferer, high fiber diets will do wonders to you. Having this kind of diet will also help with cancer and diabetes prevention, which makes it more essential to try out and be incorporated into our diets.
The daily recommended dose of fiber in our meals and consumption should be around 25 – 35 grams a day, depending on the weight and body mass of the individual. Sad to say these criteria is not always met, and on average a person would consume only 14-20 grams of fiber even less. Processed food and food preparation for our daily meals sometimes interfere and strip out fiber in most of our meals. And we cannot deny that most of us will not get our daily allowance of fruits and vegetables to keep us short of our fiber needs. These 2 are the top fiber rich foods we must have and must be included in our diet. A good way to keep track our fiber intake is to track what we have eaten out throughout the day. Charting your food and keeping them on notice will help you understand better the fiber situation of your everyday meals. This will make your educated adjustments be easier and will hold true on your next grocery suggestions.
High protein in our diet
Some people make mistakes by having to choose high protein foods but loaded with fats. This in turn will not be very helpful in the maintenance of good health. A good way to keep track with protein is to record and add them to your snacks all throughout the day. Sea foods and shellfish are very rich in protein. They can be made as spreads into your sandwiches and tuna to be added with your choice of dressings for your salads. Always look into lean meat and beef. Dairy products are also rich in protein which can help with your high protein needs.
If you can’t keep up with the protein that you need on the daily basis, there are many protein supplements that are healthy and have no side effects being sold. You just have to do a little research on each of them first before making the big decision to use them. Both for health and safety reasons of course.


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