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High Protein Diet: An Effective Way to Lose Weight
January 10, 2014 10:08 pm|Comments (0)

Are you tired of eating less of everything just to lose weight?  There have been some studies that support that eating less will make our body thinner, but not healthier.  Based on the recent researches, a High Protein Diet can eventually help control your appetite as protein makes you more satisfied that any other diets known.


Protein in a normal balanced diet comprises about 30 percent.  When you say High Protein Diet, it means that you have to include about 50 percent of protein-rich foods in your servings per day.  It is now considered to be a healthy diet or a reasonable diet if you are aiming to lose weight.  As eating more protein can lessen hunger strikes, it eventually lessens the tendency to eat between meals.  As a result, you will stop eating at an unnecessary time and will gradually lose weight.


Protein is described to build the body; it maintains leaner muscles and allows the body to burn excess fats.  In every stage of growth and development, protein should always be in the picture.  Studies show that eating protein-rich foods can decrease the levels of hunger-stimulating hormones in the brain, making you crave for food lesser than the usual. 


If you want to start on this High Protein Diet, you must remember to increase protein intake gradually.  The recommended dietary allowance or the RDA of protein in a normal diet is 56 grams a day for men and 46 grams a day for women.  However, most nutrition experts advise taking about 80 grams of protein daily as a start, and then you can increase up to 150 grams of protein daily.  There are no negative risks related to higher protein intake in a normal and healthy individual.  If you have a kidney or liver problem, you should consult your physician and be cautious of this kind of diet.


Meats which are high in protein include turkey or chicken breasts, tuna or salmon, cheese, pork loin, and lean beef.  Vegetables high in protein consist of tofu, beans, nuts or seeds, eggs, and soy milk.  You can choose from these choices to include in your everyday meals.  You can also have some varieties, so you will not get bored eating a lot of protein-rich foods. 


A High Protein Diet with moderate carbohydrates in your food intake while having regular exercises, you can have the body that you want.  If you want to lose weight, it entails discipline and more research.  This kind of diet is new for some, but maybe some other people have tried this diet without even knowing they are on a good diet.  You can try it, too, and discover how this diet can help you lose weight faster than any other diets.

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