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How to Choose the Right Diet that Suits You
January 11, 2014 4:07 pm|Comments (0)

Are you looking for an effective diet? There’s no effective diet program than what you can enjoy while in that program. There are various diet schemes that you can choose from and in order for the diet to losing weight be effective, it has to suit your needs, time, and resources. Many advices from magazines, on internet, and on TV programs, but what is best for you can only be identified by you. Here are some strategies on how to choose the right diet program for you.

Be Personal in your Choices

Although your family, friends, and all the famous celebrities endorse a good diet for you, you have to consider your personal needs and expectations. Different individuals have different preferences and inclinations. A certain diet that is effective for your friend does not necessarily mean that it will also be effective for you. For instance, if you find it easier for you to diet on your own, then proceed with that. If you prefer to be enrolled in a professional diet program and get some help, you should do that, too. The main point here is to find that diet among diets that you are most comfortable with. You should also consider your budget and resources. Some diets require a lot of supplements and expensive ingredients. You have to tailor your diet program only with what you can afford, don’t go beyond it.

Check your Overall Health First

Before, going on a diet, be sure to visit your physician first and have your overall health checked. In this way, you can avoid certain diet programs that can harm your physical health. Certain diets aren’t allowed for certain illnesses, especially if it’s a serious ailment like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Neurologic Syndromes. Don’t compromise your health just to lose pounds. Communicate effectively with your doctor about your plans to go on a diet program and ask the doctor’s opinion. Your doctor can even recommend a dietician or a weight loss program that can benefit your current health status.

Make sure that the Diet is Enjoyable

For a diet to be effective, you should be able to enjoy the course of the program. Otherwise, you may suffer from depression and can lead you to a more serious illness. If you are looking for a long-term diet to losing weight, find a diet that allows food that you will enjoy eating for the rest of your life. The problem would arise if you are only consuming food to lose weight or to trim down. This reality would only give you a short term effect. After a month or two, you will get tired of eating restrictive food and will stop the diet process eventually. A good idea would be to search for a diet that you will enjoy doing for lifelong.

There is no sole diet that will work for everyone in the same way. It’s your responsibility to find the best one that will conveniently work for you. Diet to Losing Weight programs should be fun, exciting, and rewarding for you. Follow a successful diet scheme while taking delight in what you do, eat, and feel. Make your chosen diet plan as an ally or a friend than making it your enemy.

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Five Reasons Why Fruit and Vegetable Diet is Important
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For years, people have said that it is important to have a fruit and vegetable diet because it can help with weight loss. While there are many reasons why people should include these nutritious foods in your meals, apart from the idea that it’s portable and accessible, helps in controlling overeating and cravings, here are other reasons that are very noteworthy.

Helps avoid getting overweight and obesity

Obesity is a continuous battle, and it has been higher than ever in the last couple of years. Because of overeating and a sedentary lifestyle, its rapid growth is a common problem for people. And since many people would rather eat a non-nutritious meal than a more nutritious meal, it jeopardizes their health and gain weight exponentially instead of increasing and supporting their well being.

Additional Protection to health

It is a well-known fact that these healthy foods have the essential nutrients your body need that can help protect you from devastating, painful or fatal ailments. By including a fruit and vegetable diet in your meals will increase the protection against cancer, heart diseases and other life threatening diseases.

Fruits and vegetables enhance the immune system

It is a fact that an immune system is very critical in the protection against sickness. It is the body’s first line of defense from viruses and bacteria’s that invades a person’s body. Having a weak immune system will definitely increase the potential of viral or bacterial infection and other problems like skin disorders, delayed healing and other chronic illnesses. Eating more healthy food as an addition to a meal can be very important in improving your immune system.

It increases self-confidence

It is not widely known that a fruit and vegetable diet has an underlying effect to self-confidence. The reason for that is that calories from carbohydrates increases a person’s appetite and desire to eat meals high in sugar. These cravings are often so strong for people that they are powerless to stop the indulgence that often results in a disordered eating habit. Not only is it harmful to health and fitness, it also damages the emotional and mental health of people and sometimes cause lower self-confidence.

Increases Your Energy

It is true that a healthy fruit and vegetable diet and a healthy exercise will result in an increase of energy. By having more energy, the things that you will do and set out to achieve will happen in a bolder, bigger and better way.
Having a fruit and vegetable diet is very important in a person’s health. Not only is advantageous to wellness and fitness, it is also beneficial to a person’s mental and emotional health. And it would be best to live a healthier life than a miserable unhealthy life.

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Fewer Large Meal is Better to Lose Weight
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Today, many people consider weight loss as a big factor in their life. Since there is a significant increase in obesity, people started to become aware of their health and try a specific diet for losing weight. The most popular diets would probably be eating multiple small meals in a day, eating heavy breakfast, and eating a light dinner. As popular as these two may seem, a recent research showed at the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions suggest that there is a positive effect in health and weight loss by having intermittent fasting.

The researchers from Czech Republic enrolled 54 participants that have type 2 diabetes for at least 24 weeks. The researchers divided the participant’s randomly in two groups and gave them a diet for losing weight and reducing their energy consumption by roughly 500 calories that has a 20 to 25 percent protein, a controlled intake of up to 50 to 55 percent of carbohydrates and a less than 30 percent of fats every day.

For the first twelve weeks, one of the groups ate the three key meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner and added three small snacks between those meals. The other half only had two meals in a day making them eat a big breakfast between six in the morning until ten and a heavy lunch between twelve in the afternoon until four. The researchers then switched their meal plans after the first twelve weeks. They also asked the participants not to alter the exercise program they have during the entire study.

The result was an astounding loss of weight to both groups and decreased amount of fats in their liver. However, the group that had two large meals in a day during a twelve-week period lost more than the group who ate smaller meals. Eating fewer and bigger meals also led in lowering down the fasting blood sugar level and efficient production of insulin. It also showed that a groups timing and frequency of meals did not affect the beta cells function to produce insulin or the glucose metabolic clearance rate.

It is a fact the this diet for losing weight can be very interesting. The only downside is the habit of skipping dinner on a daily basis because the body consumes the majority of calories at night when a person is not active. And when a person is not active, insulin sensitivity drops. It would probably best to eat a nutritious small meal at dinner and walk for at least fifteen minutes to lower the risk of diabetes. Just remember that weight loss needs time and patience in achieving the ideal weight you want.

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Eat a Big Breakfast to Lose Weight
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It is a fact that when it comes to weight loss, the only thing that matters is the amount of calories a person takes in and out. And the equation to shed of the extra pounds is quite simple, eat less and be active. However, many people doesn’t realize that there is more to weight loss than just the total calories and it would seem that the best diet for losing weight and avoid the risk of heart disease and diabetes is to eat a heavy breakfast and eat a light dinner.

A new study showed in the journal obesity followed 93 overweight women that have metabolic syndrome for 12 weeks. The researchers assigned them a 1,400-calorie diet for losing weight and divided the participants to two groups. Half of them ate 700 calories for breakfast, 500 for lunch, and 200 for dinner. The other half ate 200 calories for breakfast, 500 for lunch, and 700 for dinner.

Over the next 12 weeks, both groups lost weight, but the group who had heavy breakfast and light dinner lost more than those who ate heavy dinner. They also had an improvement in their insulin level, blood glucose and as well as waist circumference. There was also a 33 percent drop in the blood triglyceride level for the big breakfast group and an increase to the other group. Some women eat half of their assigned calories at breakfast and felt less hungry allowing them to stick to their meal plan easier.

Many people think that meal timing can affect the body’s circadian rhythm, which many people links to insulin activity and metabolism. Because of this, eating a big meal at the end of the day may disturb the circadian clock and result to obesity. Many studies also show that the body can burn more calories in the morning than it does in the afternoon or evening.

Of course, this is not the first study on the connection of body weight and meal timing. Many research published earlier this year showed that eating breakfast is very important to optimize the body’s metabolism and prevent obesity. And even though it may look impractical to make breakfast the largest meal instead of dinner of the day, it would appear that it is a great diet for losing weight and beneficial in suppressing hunger, lowering the blood sugar levels and improving the body’s insulin level. Just remember that coupling this diet with regular exercise will also help in achieving your goal.

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Discover the Effects of High Protein Diets
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Some people believe that a high protein diet can lead to unhealthy bones and kidneys. Little do they know that it is a very common mistake to associate bone loss and kidney diseases with this kind of meals because there are evidences that show that it could actually improve bone health and maintain muscle mass which is a key to have healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis. This also goes true for kidneys, because people who have a healthy kidney doesn’t risk it unlike those who have a chronic kidney disease. The relationship of loading high protein, kidney disease and bone health can be very confusing. Having enough understanding about its relationship can help people decide if this eating habit is for them or not.
Bone health and high protein diet
Believing the idea that a high protein diet can compromise bone health is somewhat sad because you are depriving yourself from something that can be very good for your health. In reality, there is no concrete evidence that bone loss and this regimen have any correlation. Research shows that having a higher load of this nutrient can significantly increase in calcium absorption, bone mass and muscle strength building, however small.
Because of the idea that this eating pattern can cause acid-base imbalance that may result in an increased calcium excretion, many people started to believe that this could affect bone strength. But the truth is, no scientific evidence ever proved that this can directly affect bone loss.
Kidney Health and high protein diet
Many people may have said that a high protein diet can compromise the health of kidneys. Actually, this is a very common misconception that gets people believing in, because many people with chronic kidney disease further complicated its function from eating large amounts of protein.
When people start to have large amounts of this nutrient, the kidney’s filtering will have an increased rate called hyper filtering that people sometimes associate with increased intake of this nutrient. However, some researchers published a review and indicated that hyper filtration is a normal adaptive mechanism and think of it like training the kidneys similar to people who train cardiovascular and muscular system by strength training.
Having a high protein diet can compromise kidney and bone health only if there is already a per-existing condition. But the truth still remains the same, doing this will not be harmful for healthy people, and could in fact improve bone and kidney health. The truth is, having a low intake of it can even be more harmful because it can result in unhealthy bones.

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5 Diet and Weight loss tips
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Many people believe that it is easy when it comes to diet for losing weight. In fact, many people have a hard time to lose the weight they gained from eating unhealthily. The following tips can help people to lose weight and make them feel look better, feel better and have a healthy life.
1. Watch your Eating Habit
A person’s eating habit is probably the main reason why they became overweight. Eating properly is the first and simplest step to lose the extra pounds from your body. Usually, a poor eating habit results of emotional, mental, and even spiritual problems that a person must immediately resolve to make any progress. Some people also turn to food to comfort themselves whenever they are having a hard time in life. Handling your problems without turning away from a diet for losing weight and exercise is the ideal way to shed the extra pounds.
2. Be Ready, Again.
If this is not the first time you tried to lose weight, be very sure that this time you are entirely sure and be wary of diets that promises quick weight loss. Do not focus on the immediate loss of weight because this often leads to unhealthy eating habit and short-term success. This kind of diets causes your metabolism to slow down and makes a person eat less to lose weight and ultimately result in discouraging them and give up on it entirely. Instead, you should focus on improving your health and eventually make you slim and improve your health.
3. Be in control
Most of the time, people only have a few things that they are in total control of and one them is what to put in your mouth. It’s just a matter of not ignoring the food you are going to eat. Nobody is going to require you to lose control in a friend’s party or when eating in a restaurant and nobody would definitely tell you to eat everything put in front of you. Keep in mind that you have to be particular and careful with what you are going to eat.
4. Eat Nourishing Meals Frequently and Slowly
Skipping a meal is not very beneficial to lose the excess weight you have. It is important to understand that doing this will only make your metabolism slow and conserve energy. Eating slower will also help in the process since it will give your body enough time to tell that it is already full and doesn’t need any more.
Eating also healthy foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and a small amount of animal protein will allow you to eat as much as you want without gaining weight. And it would be best to cut down on sugar to maintain your body’s fat burning capacity.
5. Begin today and relax
Don’t be too excited in following a diet for losing weight and the exercise program you find. Changing too much of everything too fast results in feeling bad and getting discouraged. Just be patient at the beginning and eventually everything will fall into place.


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Weight Watchers Targets Diet
January 17, 2014 7:11 pm|Comments (0)

Weight Watchers Targets Diet

Weight Watchers is a type of weight loss program that has three types of diet regimens.  Because each person is different and each one responds to different plans, Weight Watchers has designed a system that will be ideal for different people.  The weight loss system incorporates food items and a support system for your overall health and well being.  Many people join Weight Watchers each year to get the type of diet and support needed to sustain their health and lose weight.

The points system watches the dieter’s caloric intake and energy expenditure.  Portions of food are assigned a number of points and types of exercise are assigned negative points.  You are allowed a set number of points per week based on your current weight and your desired weight.  Assigning points makes it easy to see how your exercise directly impacts your health.  You have no restrictions on your types of food as long as you stay within your allotted points.

The second Weight Watchers plan is called the core plan.  This plan is based similarly to the Atkins and South Beach diets where certain types of food are “core,” and those core foods should only be eaten until satisfied.  Unlike the other diets, though, these foods contain all four food groups.  Foods that are not in the core group are given a point value and each person can eat up to thirty five non-core foods each week.

The flex plan is the final type of Weight Watchers diet.  Each person is assigned a number of points that they can use each day based on their current weight.  If the person exercises, the points allotted may be increased.  They are then assigned a few additional points for the entire week which they can choose to use or not use in their diet.  This is the flex portion of the flex plan.

In addition to the plans, Weight Watchers also has an entire food line that you can purchase to use in your diet.  These foods have the exact number of points allowed and the nutritional value of each.  There are snacks, complete dinners and individual entrees to choose from right in your grocery store.  These are convenient if you do not want to cook or count out the points based on individual foods used in a recipe.

One of the most successful portions of the Weight Watchers program is the support system.  There are meetings held to help members support one another.  This is especially good because getting on a diet and changing eating habits can be difficult.  The support structure gives positive encouragement and motivation to those on the diet and helps them achieve their weight loss goals and sustain them.

Weight Watchers is one of the most successful programs available.  Because of the number of different plans available to suit each person, the foods available and the support system in place, this diet is one of the best around.  Weight Watchers facilities are available throughout the world and in all major cities.

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Glycemic Index Impacts Diet
January 16, 2014 7:07 pm|Comments (0)

Glycemic Index Impacts Diet

If you have diabetes, you must maintain proper blood sugar levels in order to avoid having complications from your condition.  In order to do this, you must carefully monitor your diet.  This can often be the most difficult part – monitoring and controlling the blood sugar levels.  You need to know which diets can harm you and which can help you control your weight and your diabetes.

The Glycemic Impact Diet focuses on low carbohydrates and is based on the glycemic index of foods. The glycemic index categorizes carbohydrates and measures them based on their sugar levels. Simple carbohydrates stay at one end of the scale and complex carbohydrates are on the other. Your simple carbohydrates will include such foods as white sugar and flour.  Complex carbohydrates will include such foods as grains and vegetables.  The South Beach Diet is similar to some degree to the Glycemic Impact.

Simple carbohydrates such as sugar and flour make you retain fat and raise your insulin levels while complex carbohydrates do not.  The goal of the Glycemic Impact, like the South Beach Diet, is to focus on the good carbohydrates, the complex carbohydrates and to avoid the simple carbohydrates that will raise insulin levels.  Maintaining this type of diet is supposed to help control the negative effects of diabetes while enhancing the overall health of the patient.

The problem with both of these is the restrictions placed upon them.  Because many foods are strictly regulated, it is often difficult to continue the diet over time.  You have to carefully watch your food intake.  You have to be able to count the values in certain types of foods and adapt recipes in order to accommodate the strict guidelines encompassed in the diets.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has stated that the glycemic index is not nearly as important as the total amount of carbohydrates eaten.  So, instead of completely eliminating simple carbohydrates from the diet, you instead reduce total carbohydrates.  This gives people a much more balanced intake.  Success rates much higher in eating smaller portions and a balanced diet rather than completely restricting certain food items.

A flexible diet based on the food pyramid and glycemic index is much better to sustain.  The index rates the types of foods.  Sometimes, it is necessary to eat foods with a higher glycemic index.  For example, if your blood sugar is dropping during exercise, you would eat carbohydrates with a high glycemic index to raise your blood sugar.  For regularly maintaining your diet, you will probably want to eat more foods with a lower glycemic index.

Experts agree that diets such as South Beach and Atkins work and will be beneficial to your health if followed closely.  Watching your carbohydrates is very important to staying healthy and is especially important for those who have diabetes.  Eating balanced meals filled with small portions and healthy foods from all the food groups and adding an exercise program to stay active and reduce weight is also an important aspect of changing to a healthier way of living is the best diet maintenance possible.

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Diet by Surgery
January 15, 2014 7:06 pm|Comments (0)

Diet by Surgery

The Lap Band was approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration in June of 2001.  It is the only adjustable surgical treatment for morbid obesity in the United States. It works by decreasing the capacity in the stomach, thereby reducing the amount of food that can be consumed.  Prime candidates for this surgical diet include people who have continually been unsuccessful with their diet or who have metabolic issues preventing them from successfully completing a weight loss program.

The procedure is typically done laparoscopic so it is not invasive, though much more invasive than dieting.  The band is inserted and wrapped around the stomach.  This restriction of the stomach causes the patient to experience a feeling of being full even though they have eaten less.  This allows for weight loss without an elaborate diet because the patient is simply not consuming as much food.  Doing a laparoscopic procedure reduces pain post surgery, shortens the hospital stay and promotes a faster recovery.

The Lap Band is also adjustable.  This is important to meet the individual needs of the patient.  This band can be easily adjusted as weight loss occurs.  If weight loss is not occurring at a desirable rate, the lap band can also be tightened to accommodate the needs of the patient.  If a patient becomes pregnant, it may be necessary to expand the band to give them a healthier diet.  The procedure to do this is minimally invasive and can be performed with a fine needle through the skin.

If you want to consider this surgical diet, you will have to consult your physician.  The procedure is only done on the order of a physician and must be done by a surgeon.

Recent concerns have surfaced regarding the safety of this surgical diet device and there are some physicians who believe the approval by the Food and Drug Administration was premature.

Nearly all patients who under go this surgical diet experience side effects to some degree.  Most common side effects are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, heartburn and slippage of the band.  Also, approximately a quarter of all patients who undergo this surgical diet have to have the band removed.  This could be because of the severity of the side effects or also because the Lap Band did not work effectively and there was no significant decrease in weight.

The surgical diet is intended only for use with the severe obesity.  It is meant to be used only as a last resort when all other options are exhausted.  There are numerous diets and exercise programs that are available for those who are committed to losing weight.  Trying these first is always the best option before a surgical procedure.

If you are a few pounds over weight and just want to drop a clothing size or two, this surgical diet is not for you.  There have been cases of people who are not already under the care of a doctor who are looking at this surgery as a quick fix to shed a few pounds.  This is very dangerous as there are side effects present in the surgery.  There are other ways to accomplish this goal without resorting to surgery but it will take some commitment and will power.

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